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Hanging a door can be a time consuming and expensive adding to the cost of the door itself. To make the job easier we can supply a door set.

When hanging a fire door it is essential that it is fitted according to certain, critical criteria such as hinge centres, gaps between edgings and frames, seals, intumescent paper seals and many more guidelines which must be adhered to.

With our Pre hung sets you will eliminate the guesswork and the risk of rejection by the fire service and relating authorities at the same time taking around 6 hours quicker to fit making a Pre hung set an economically sound decision along with piece of mind.

What are the advantages of using a pre hung fire door set?

  • Confidence that legal requirements are met avoiding rejection and/or costly repairs.
  • Takes around 30 minutes to fit.
  • We will supply you with fitting instructions.
  • Fire door sizes upto 2040mm.
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Reduced costs compared to the traditional route of typically employing a joiner to hinge the doors and then fix them into a frame
  • Reduced need for skilled labour on site
  • Consistent and often superior finish


We can make pre hung fire door sets to comply with current legislation for a free quote please complete the following form.

FD30 Fire Door – 30 minutes FD30 (30 Mins) FD60 Fire Door – 60 minutes FD60 (60 Mins) FD120 Fire Door – 120 minutes FD120 (120 Mins)
Plyboard Finish Plyboard Sapele Finish Sapele Oak Finish Oak Beach Finish Beach Other

Please note – we do not guarantee exact colour matches to the above due to runs off the veneer process

Lock Sets Select If Required
Thumbturn Select If Required
Chrome Brushed Finish Chrome Finish
Brass Finish Brass Finish
Overhead Closer Select If Required
Threshold Select If Required


This is the actual fire door size. You should allow an additional 30mm for height of frame for no threshold or 60mm if threshold is required. 60mm extra should be allowed for width of frame to fit into aperture I.e a 1981mm x 762mm door size would have a frame size of 2041mm (if with threshold) x 822mm.

1981mm x 762mm 1981mm x 762mm (6'6" x 2'6") 1981mm x 838mm 1981mm x 838mm (6'6" x 2'9") 2032mm x 813mm 2032mm x 813mm (6'6" x 2'8")


Please give required door size. Don't forget to that this is the actual fire door size. You should allow an additional 29mm for height of frame for no threshold or 58mm if threshold is required. 58mm extra should be allowed for width of frame to fit into aperture.


Double doorsets are also available. Please select the above finish etc. and enter your required frame size below.