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Fully trained installers, Fireas registered installers and maintenance. Fireas registered fire stopping. Maintenance and surveys.

Fully trained fireas installers

Certified Fireas registered installers and inspectors guaranteeing compliance. Fireas registered maintenance with repairs where possible eliminating costly replacements.

Fireas firestopping

Fully registered Fireas firestopping - compartmenting the risk of fire spread throughout building structure.

Maintenance and surveys

Regular maintenance checks, reports and repairs. Surveys of full inspections of current firedoors and firestopping conditions with written reports and recommendations.


We supply quality fire doors - complete made-to-measure fire door sets and security door sets - manufactured to British Standards.


Our fire door sets are a significant improvement on the traditional way to fit fire doors. Instead of buying and assembling the components for your fire door separately, our fire door sets are pre-assembled with an adjustable frame (architraves on both sides) and fitted with intumescent strips, hinges, handles and locks, making these doors simple enough to fit yourself or ask about our fitting service.


A typical installation time for one of our sets, including the door and frame is only 1 hour. Our standard range includes everything from plain mdf to solid hardwood doors and we can make almost any design that you require.

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We cover all of South Wales and Bristol, including:

  • Swansea
  • Llanelli
  • Neath
  • Cardiff
  • Newport
Map of South Wales and Bristol

Our wide range of doors provide security, safety and have a first class finish


Have you checked you are compliant with the latest fire regulations?